The Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas.


Fall Flavor

After taking down the Halloween decorations…

… the house looked a little too boring.

So I had to throw up a little Fall Flavor.

Now all I want to do though is decorate for Christmas… As cute as this all is…

The Halloween Party

Spent WAY too much time on this party, but I think the photos will speak for themselves. One of my best friends, and fellow party planner extraordinaire, Brandi Wolcott helped with all the decor. She also took all of the photos for this blog. I just placed them in collage format. I don’t know what I would have done without her creativity and hard work.

Click on any of the collages to see it larger.

I do really love party planning. In fact I could see a part time career in it, with Brandi by my side of course… oh who am I kidding I’m totally her bitch when it comes to throwing a party. But that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it.

Lazy Sunday

While looking up recipes for crock pot black bean chili and watching the Seahawks,
I’m trying to ignore this:

Its Sunday, and I have the day off. I want to be lazy!
Actually I want to look up recipes and cook. Someone else should clean today!

I want to be a housewife, what’s so wrong with that?

All sorts of ingredients for the next 2 days.

Fall makes me such a homebody.
I want to cook and clean and decorate for all the upcoming holidays.
Since the weather outside starts to get very frightful,
what better to do than stay home and be creative!

First up, meatloaf! I added 2 special ingredients…
I’ll tell you one of them, my friend Adam’s home made BBQ sauce!
And the other… is a secret.

Ok so this doesn’t really look appealing, but it was sooooo goooood.
Was accompanied with mashed potatoes, of course.

Pumpkin bread.

Found a recipe online for Cock N’ Bull Stew. Of course, I had to make it.

Great start to the 2011 Fall season. Here’s to more blogging, more cooking, more baking, and less…
not blogging, and cooking and baking. Yea.

Now take it away Jay Brannan.