I want to be a housewife, what’s so wrong with that?

All sorts of ingredients for the next 2 days.

Fall makes me such a homebody.
I want to cook and clean and decorate for all the upcoming holidays.
Since the weather outside starts to get very frightful,
what better to do than stay home and be creative!

First up, meatloaf! I added 2 special ingredients…
I’ll tell you one of them, my friend Adam’s home made BBQ sauce!
And the other… is a secret.

Ok so this doesn’t really look appealing, but it was sooooo goooood.
Was accompanied with mashed potatoes, of course.

Pumpkin bread.

Found a recipe online for Cock N’ Bull Stew. Of course, I had to make it.

Great start to the 2011 Fall season. Here’s to more blogging, more cooking, more baking, and less…
not blogging, and cooking and baking. Yea.

Now take it away Jay Brannan.


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