The Christmas Blog

Merry Christmas.



Its Spring time baby! I thought I’d participate by picking flowers from the yard and gayley placing them around the house, as well as try and grow some myself! Wahoo! In my bedroom I have some Jasmine, because I absolutely love the smell. It reminds me of living in California. Le sigh. And on my back porch I picked some purple flowers that I liked and stuck them all into a little planter. Just to make my entrance into my house a little more pleasant. (and yes, I enter through the back door WINK)

Now time to go enjoy some of this sun!

The Entertainment Center

The tall glass vases in the bottom left corner of  the photo right above ^ have craft paper cut to size and fit in them. I can (and will) change them seasonally. The two small white bins in the middle of the shelving unit hold video games and DVDs.

I attached the clock to the front of this storage bin to give it a double functionality.
The blue vases in the bottom left corner are lit by a small spot light with decorative rocks filling them halfway for texture.

All of my Sony products sync together amazingly! The Wireless Logitech Keyboard syncs up just as well.

And lastly a shelf to the left of the entertainment center has a spare blanket and some more storage, and helps to balance the entertainment center which is off center from the wall its on. (My living room is a bit oddly shaped)

The Bookshelf

Spring is in the air, my friends. I woke up this morning and opened my blackout blinds to find a very sunny and beautiful day outside! Its amazing what a little sunshine can do! First it set the tone for my day; Instantly in a great mood. Then, as I walked back to my bedroom from getting my morning coffee, it inspired me.


The way the sun lit up my messy bookcase made me stop in my tracks. It was beautiful. I scrambled for my camera and had a mini photo shoot.




And this was my mornings inspiration. Thank you sunshine, thank you Spring! Now I just need to accessorize around the house to really make it feel like Spring. I think I’ll go buy some flowers, for start. But now, I’m off to organize and work on my office some more. I promise to post more often. I have a new idea for quick in between project posts to keep you satisfied.


Until then, Corner Out!



Fusebox Blues

Somewhere in the design of this very old house I live in, someone thought it would be a good idea to put the fuse box right in the living room. What a great idea right? The best part, its in a corner, as awkwardly placed as anyone could do. Challenge!

I went through my Mother’s basement, which might as well be a junk shop full of treasures. Imagine every garage sale you’ve been to, and all the coolest stuff you saw there, but didn’t buy because you don’t need it. Well all of that wonderful… “stuff” is in my Mother’s basement. What I found in this treasure trove was frames. Old, and new, and empty, and what have you. I took them all. As well as dozens of oil prints. I laid out all of the prints I had chosen, and all of the frames on the floor, and played mix and match. a little hot glue action, and bam!
Picture frame wall.

I had trouble finding a frame and a painting large enough to cover the actual fuse box, but luckily I came across a a mirror just the perfect size.


In other news, I have my very first out of home project I will be working on. My mother has been begging me to redo her bedroom for a year now. Me giving my own bedroom a makeover has only made her beg even more. So I will take her color shopping. And this picture frame wall has inspired me. She already has her own picture wall in her room, but I’m going to revamp it just a tad. And that is all I will say for now! (Mommy reads the blog, I want it to be a LITTLE bit of a surprise)